Pre-Spring Projected Depth Chart

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    Photo Credit: Mason Burgin/RTI

    With spring practice set to get underway on Tuesday, it’s time to take our best guess at what the depth chart will look like.

    A lot will change between now and fall camp. Newcomers will arrive, spring practice will shake things up and the dreaded injury bug could have its say in things as well. But it’s still interesting to take an early look at what could happen next.

    And unlike our projections heading into 2016, there are a lot of unknowns as the Vols look to re-tool several different spots on both sides of the ball. None-the-less, we’ll take an early crack at what some of these positions might look like, with the caveat that this is certainly subject to change over the next six months. We’ll go two-deep at most spots, but may expand or contract if needed.

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