VIDEO: Tennessee’s Final Spring Scrimmage

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    The Vols are now less than a week away from this spring’s Orange and White Game, which will take place at Neyland Stadium on this coming Saturday, April 22.

    That’ll be the only opportunity for both media and fans to see the team in a scrimmage-like situation this spring. All of the other Saturday practices, which have featured more scrimmage work, have been closed to both, leaving plenty of rom to speculate on what going on in the quarterback and other position battles.

    But Tennessee has produced a highlight video of each Saturday session, so fans are getting an opportunity to at least catch a glimpse of what’s going on. Here’s what UT put out from over the past weekend:


    1. Butch Jones may or may not be over paid but he is definitely over criticized. Here is a coach who brought energy and recruiting and promotional savvy to a football program that university stupidity, incompetence, and neglect nearly killed. Jones took a job that many coaches avoided or used to get a raise in their current job. He has had to tolerate a large portion of a fan base that is always negative which makes recruiting even harder for a football program that has long since lost its luster.

      Once Jones rebuilds Tennessee from the pieces he found when he arrive here no one could blame him if he used it as a stepping stone to another job.

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