Nike Is Almost Here for the Vols

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    via @CfieldsVFL

    The Tennessee Volunteers will be flying the Nike banner in all sports this year, something many fans and players can’t wait to see happen. Official gear has to be delivered by July 1st (more on that in a bit), but new Nike imagery is already popping up around campus.

    This tweet from Vol DE/LB Jakob Johnson got fans talking about four new uniform possibilities.

    Not long afterwards, photos of Tennessee’s basketball court (in Pratt Pavilion) emerged and showed a new logo at mid-court.

    Uniform junkie Chad Fields (@CfieldsVFL) found some Nike banners revealing the new Tennessee logo plus one of the state, then worked up some mock uniforms based on the new look “Tennessee.”

    Before you freak out about the different shades of orange in those two banners, know that camera white balance has a great deal to do with how colors are photographed. One of those images was taken in sunlight and one in shade – thus the different look.

    Expect more leaks to continue as the Vols ramp to July 1st – the official start of Nike’s Tennessee launch. Per Tennessee’s contract with Nike, here are some things to expect as far as when uniforms will officially arrive.

    Every Vol team has uniform samples which will be unveiled on July 1st during a planned Nike launch party. Mark your calendars accordingly.

    The Vol football team will receive its basic football gear (footwear and practice wear) on July 1st – the official uniforms for the entire team will arrive on August 1st. Basic components of the basketball uniforms will also arrive on July 1st with the rest of the uniforms not arriving until October 1st.

    Spring sports will follow a similar schedule, with the basics arriving September 1st and the full uniforms by December 1st.