Rocky Top League Draft Results

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    Armani Moore-1-4The Rocky Top League held its annual draft Wednesday night at Doc’s All American Grille in Knoxville. All league games will be played at Knoxville Catholic on Mondays and Wednesdays, starting June 15 and concluding July 1 with the championship game.

    The first round consisted of only former and current Vols with Bobby Maze, Robert Hubbs, Wayne Chism, Armani Moore, Detrick Mostella and Kevin Punter coming off the board with the first six picks.

    The six teams selected nine players each in total on Wednesday, but will be able to add some players as they become available over the course of the next few weeks. Here are the rosters, in order of how they were picked, and with the college/team the player plays or played at in parenthesis:

    Rice Buick GMC

    1. Detrick Mostella (Tennessee)
    2. Dre Mathieu (Minnesota)
    3. Derek Reese (Tennessee)
    4. Dominique Wright (Marquette)
    5. Chase Mounce (Tusculum)
    6. Greg Hernandez (Maryville)
    7. Pops Ndiaye (Tennessee)
    8. Brice Cusick (Bryan)
    9. Oterriah Lee (Bryan)

    Knoxville News Sentinel

    1. Bobby Maze (Tennessee)
    2. Ray Kasongo (Tennessee)
    3. Devon Baulkman (Tennessee)
    4. Michael Blue (Harlem Wizards)
    5. Jordan Williams (Suwanee)
    6. Spencer Shoffner (Maryville)
    7. Devonte Jenkins (Tennessee Wesleyan)
    8. Aaron Hughes (Albany)
    9. Brody Stone (Suwanee)

    Tillman Companies

    1. Robert Hubbs (Tennessee)
    2. Jalen Steele (Mississippi State)
    3. Devin Schmidt (Delta State)
    4. Gerel Simmons (Lincoln Memorial)
    5. Carson Brooks (Carson Newman)
    6. Josh Murray (Jacksonville)
    7. Rob Murphy (Tennessee)
    8. Mason Fox (Tusculum)
    9. Milton Stanley (Maryville)

    DeRoyal Industries

    1. Wayne Chism (Tennessee)
    2. Shembari Phillips (Tennessee)
    3. Kyle Alexander (Tennessee)
    4. Will Adams (Presbyterian)
    5. Brandon Cole (Bryan)
    6. Halston Lane (UNC-Wilmington)
    7. Raul Placeres (Maryville)
    8. Darius Tomlin (SW Tennessee CC)
    9. Cory Fagan (Tusculum)

    Game Time Lights

    1. Armani Moore (Tennessee)
    2. Jabari McGhee (Tennessee)
    3. Jonathan Adams (Old Dominion)
    4. Brandon Lopez (Tennessee)
    5. Hunter Leveau (King)
    6. Drew Standifer (King)
    7. Calvin Walker (King)
    8. Tyler Yoder (Bryan)
    9. Sam Watson (Chattanooga)

    H3 Sports

    1. Kevin Punter (Tennessee)
    2. Admiral Schofield (Tennessee)
    3. Jaumonee Byrd (Maryville)
    4. Jon Higgins (Tennessee)
    5. Addison Flynn (Tusculum)
    6. Quincy Scates (Tennessee Wesleyan)
    7. Isaac Merian (Lee)
    8. Andy Barnett (Carson Newman)
    9. Jordan Hall (Tennessee Wesleyan)