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Teams That Could Go Undefeated Against OSU’s Schedule

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To say that Ohio State’s schedule is weak is like saying it’s a little windy outside while your house gets hit by a tornado. The Big Ten is currently a one-team league (two or three if you’re generous and include Michigan State and Wisconsin) and Ohio State has the breeziest version possible of a Big Ten schedule in 2015. Tennessee would stroll into the CFB playoff if it could have all the cupcakes Ohio State faces on their schedule. Think I’m exaggerating?

Well, may I present to you OSU’s 2015 football schedule:

09/07 at Virginia Tech: This game might be good for a half. Remember how V-Tech beat Ohio State in Columbus last year? Good times.

09/12 Hawaii: Hawaii? Seriously? If you’re going to play Hawaii at least play in Honolulu so you get something out of it.

09/19 Northern Illinois: “They played in the Orange Bowl a couple of years ago!” says an Ohio State fan who’s trying to make Ohio State’s schedule sound like it’s not softer than ice cream outside in July.

09/26 Western Michigan: This is a joke, right?

10/03 at Indiana: Remember when Indiana beat Missouri in Columbia last year? Good times.

10/10 Maryland: This will definitely be a football game.

10/17 Penn State: Penn State took players’ names back off of their jerseys for 2015. Too bad that can’t make them play better football.

10/24 at Rutgers: Rutgers has a football team?

11/07 Minnesota: Minnesota fans probably think this will be a close game.

11/14 at Illinois: Stop wasting my time.

11/21 Michigan State: FINALLY, a half decent game the week before the season ends. Too bad Michigan State would likely finish last in the SEC West.

11/28 at Michigan: Hey, Michigan has Jim Harbaugh now. But that’s not going to make a difference because you can’t fix the dumpster fire Brady Hoke left in Ann Arbor in one offseason.

There you have it. That schedule is offensively easy. They don’t even have to play Wisconsin! If Ohio State doesn’t go undefeated, not only should they not be in the playoff, they should end their season early and just come back next year because they don’t deserve the gift of a schedule that they’ve been given.

So, all of this got us thinking, how many teams could realistically go undefeated if they played Ohio State’s fluffy schedule? Here’s the lengthy list we came up with:



South Carolina

Vanderbilt (Just kidding LOL)

The entire SEC West





West Virginia



Arizona State




Notre Dame

Maryville High School

U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team

The Permian Panthers

The Little Giants

Okay, I’ll admit, those last few might be a stretch, especially because two of them are fictional, but the point is, Tennessee needs to move to the Big Ten.

Not really. UT has too much self respect to do that.

The real point is, Ohio State will likely go undefeated with its eyes closed and Tennessee is required to play Alabama every single year. Further proving how much of a blessing and a curse playing in the SEC can be.

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