Tennessee Sports Medicine Group Announces Opening of New 4D Fitness Center

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An announcement from RTI partner Tennessee Sports Medicine Group: 

Knoxville, Tn, August 3, 2015 (Newswire) -​ Tennessee Sports Medicine Group has announced the grand opening of the 4D Fitness Center located in Cherokee Mills at 2260 Sutherland Avenue.

The 4D Fitness Center is a spacious 7,000 sq foot facility staffed with physical therapistscertified personal trainers, massage therapists, exercised physiologists, golf performance trainers, active isolated stretching practitioners, and a registered dietitian.

4D Fitness focuses on designing an individualized fitness programs based on a comprehensive evaluation of each client to assist in reaching their specific goals.

Several assessments are taken based off of postural balance, three dimensional movements, extremity and core flexibility, joint range of motion, cardiovascular fitness, core and body strength, nutritional and hydration inventory, cell inflammation and pH testing, orthopedic evaluation of current or chronic musculo-skeletal conditions, and video gait analysis.

This company has an impressive wide variety of specialized effective programs to offer including Active Isolated Stretching which restores joints and the spinal range of motion, a soft tissue massage and joint mobilization, functional rehabilitative strength development, balance stability and coordination skill acquisition, nutritional and weight loss program and cardiovascular training.

The membership only costs twenty-five dollars a month with no contracts! The facility even offers personal trainer packages for one-on-one, two-on-one, and small group training.

To get your membership, make an appointment or to inquire for more information call (865) 951-2975.

Here’s a testimonial from RTI co-founder John Cave Osborne:

“I cannot say enough good things about Tennessee Sports Medicine Group — particularly the top-notch training they provide. Not only did they diagnose the source of recurring aches and pains I used to experience after exercise, and not only did they put me through their Active Isolated Training program to help loosen up that tight spot, but they’ve now tailor made a workout that’s helping me strengthen my area of concern. My workouts with Aaron are dynamic and interactive. It’s not the typical cross training that’s so prevalent these days. Don’t get me wrong — there’s plenty of cardio as well as resistance. But Aaron combines that with different types of motion that make my workouts three-dimensional ones that focus as much on strength and fitness as they do agility and balance. I can already tell a huge difference. The soreness I used to experience is a thing of the past and I’m turning what used to be a weakness into a strength.”