VIDEO: Pearson Makes Nice Grab In Return to Practice

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    Von pEARSON-1-2

    Senior receiver Von Pearson made a nice catch in his first practice back with the Vols on Saturday after a near four-month suspension.

    Butch Jones was asked his thoughts about how Pearson looked in his first practice, which was in just pants, a jersey and a helmet as he goes through the mandatory five-practice acclimation period.

    “I thought Von did some good things,” Jones said. “To his credit, he’s in very good shape. You could just tell, with the football endurance, that he’s worked at it and we were able to get him routes on air and get him some mental repetitions, and then after practice, get him some more. So we’ll know a little bit more when he’s able to put the pads on and finish the acclimation period, but for what I can see of the work he got in today, I was very pleased with his endurance.”

    Jones was also asked about how much he thought Pearson remembered after such a prolonged absence.

    “That’s what I was waiting to see – was his recall,” he said. “And it was very, very good. Von did a very good job of taking the mental reps that he needed, but also our players, you know talking with him with the new things, the new install, but I thought Von’s recall and retention from the spring was very good.”