Vols Will Reportedly Checker Neyland Against Oklahoma

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    via Spencer Barnett (@CleVOLander)

    via Spencer Barnett (@CleVOLander)

    Tennessee has selected its “Checker Neyland” game, according to a report from WNML’s Jimmy Hyams. The Vols will coordinate the orange and white checkered stadium for the Sept. 12 matchup against Oklahoma.

    The idea to checker the stadium was originally inspired from the above picture created by Spencer Barnett (@CleVOLander on Twitter) following UT’s game at Oklahoma last year where the Sooners checkered Gaylord Family Memorial Stadium in a red and white pattern.


    Now it appears the Vols will return the favor when the Sooners come to Knoxville, checkering Neyland for the second time in history. Tennessee endorsed the grassroots campaign the week before the Florida game last season, and it was a nearly perfect scene. With several weeks of notice, the checkering should be even better for the 2015 version.