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Manning: I’d Consider Coaching QBs at Tennessee

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In a statement that will melt the hearts and minds of every Tennessee fan in America, Peyton Manning went on the Dan Patrick Show and said he would consider coaching Tennessee quarterbacks at some point, returning to his alma mater where he played from 1994-97.

Can you even imagine? Tennessee is lining up top quarterback talent as it is right now, but if Manning coached the position, the Vols would seemingly have their pick of the top high school QBs every single year he’s there.

Of course, this can be filed in the “Jon Gruden fantasy” category at this point since Manning did say it’s unlikely that he will coach at all after his NFL career. But Vol fans can hope and dream, and UT could possibly even mention that to recruits since he acknowledged that he would “consider” it. The hype for the 2015 season is huge, I can’t imagine how big it would be in future seasons if Manning followed through on that.

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