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Friday Top 10: RTI’s Bold Predictions for 2015


9. Jauan Jennings is the Derek Barnett of 2015

Jauan Jennings-1-2

Daniel Lewis: No, I don’t mean Jennings will be lining up at defensive end. But I do mean that Jennings will be the recruit from the 2015 class that really blows up, like Barnett did in 2014. They have a similar profile in many respects. Both are from the Midstate area, both were fairly-highly rated in recruiting, but not in the elite category, both have a great demeanor/motor and both have gained a ton of praise during the preseason. I’m not going to predict stats for Jennings because that could vary based on the receiver rotation, offensive line protection, Dobbs’ health, etc. But I will predict the Vols use Jennings in many ways: receiving, running, blocking, special teams and possibly even throwing the ball in select situations. By the end of the year, even though Jennings was a four-star, many will say he was underrated.


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