Checking the Film: A Closer Look at Tennessee’s 59-30 Win Over BGSU

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    Joshua Dobbs-1-3

    1st Quarter

    First defensive drive: Several dime looks from the Vols, which is a relatively newer concept in the defense. Bowling Green spreading out the field certainly played into that decision. Also noticed some confusion early. On the long pass over Malik Foreman on the first drive, defenders are looking around at each other, trying to get assignments set before the snap – usually a bad sign – and it was indeed a bad sign on that long pass to Roger Lewis that set up BGSU’s early field goal.

    12:20: Nice scramble drill here. Jauan Jennings makes his first catch at UT by understanding the situation, finding an open area in the defense and getting there so Dobbs can hit him. Not surprising for a former quarterback.

    11:53: It appears that miscommunication is the biggest culprit on the only sack the Vols gave up. Jashon Robertson ends up helping Kyler Kerbyson on the outside, while a Bowling Green defensive tackle slips through the middle.

    9:54: Veteran move by Joshua Dobbs to draw Bowling Green offsides. Great “situational football” understanding as Butch Jones would say. It’s 3rd and four, Dobbs goes with the hard count, claps his hands with extra emphasis and gets the jump and the first down.

    9:04: Strong run by Hurd, but don’t miss the good job by Coleman Thomas pulling from his center position, getting to the second level and chopping down a linebackers to spring him for the TD.

    7:57: The first of several great returns by Cam Sutton on the day. Credit Chris Weatherd, Elliott Berry and Emmanuel Moseley with great blocks on the play.

    7:21: Nice wrinkle from Mike DeBord here. Ethan Wolf lines up at right tackle, Brett Kendrick flips over to left tight end, the Vols give to Kamara around left end and with the tackle duo of Kerbyson and Kendrick sealing that edge, he’s able to get to the corner, show some good balance and put the Vols up 14-3.

    7:06: Darrin Kirkland Jr. looks like he gets robbed of a forced fumble and touchdown here. It appears that BGSU QB Matt Johnson is still trying to make a play, hasn’t hit the ground yet and then loses control of the ball. The officials, however, said they blew it dead, though the replay doesn’t show conclusive evidence of that. Regardless, great athleticism and instincts by DK here to get to the QB and force what should’ve been a huge play for the Vols.

    6:27: Oklahoma (and others) are going to have some tough decisions about if they want to punt to Cam Sutton in the future this year.

    5:19: No defense for that when the Vols get a touch of push in the middle.

    Bowling Green TD drive ending at 2:42: Cam Sutton gets a drive off after the punt returns, and the Falcons march right down the field. That’s not to say he could’ve or would’ve stopped everything, but hard to not make some correlation there.

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