Sooner Linebacker Eric Striker Takes Shot at SEC

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    Oklahoma linebacker Eric Striker, who isn’t known for holding back his opinions, is at it again. After practice Tuesday, he was asked a simple question about playing an SEC foe – “Do you get jacked up for the SEC?”

    Striker’s response is sure to raise a few eyebrows in SEC country. “Yeah man, I don’t understand why people constantly blow gas up their ass,” he said. “All the time, I don’t understand. I look forward to it because I like to prove people wrong. I love that, you say this about your opponent, they got this, they got that, but what you don’t understand is you gotta get it done in between the lines. That’s all that matters.

    “I look forward to it, gas ’em up, bring them back down to earth.”

    If Stoops’ comments about playing in Neyland and Semaje Perine’s tweet about Derek Barnett got fans riled up, Striker surely added fuel to that fire.

    One thing everyone can agree on? Saturday can’t get here soon enough.