VIDEO: OU Taunts Vols On the Way Out

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    Bob Stoops-1-2

    Oklahoma clearly didn’t take the high road all week leading into the matchup with Tennessee, so it wasn’t surprising to see an OU take some parting shots out the door after the Sooners pulled off the dramatic come-from-behind 31-24 overtime victory.

    Video surfaced on Twitter last night of Oklahoma safety Hatari Byrd (appropriate name) giving the bird to fans at Neyland Stadium as he walked off the field last night.

    It was a less-than-classy exit for Sooner linebacker Eric Striker, who was one of the lead trash talkers during the week for OU. Butch Jones also reportedly called him out on it in a post-game meeting.

    Striker was also caught on video (NSFW) giving his thoughts on beating the Vols/SEC:

    What are your thoughts? Did Striker/OU earn the right to say whatever they wanted or is that a bad look for Oklahoma as a program?