RTI’s Top-10 Plays from Tennessee’s 55-10 Win

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    Western Carolina-11

    In lieu of our normal “Checking the Film” piece for Tennessee’s 55-10 win over Western Carolina, we decided to compile the ten best plays from the game and put them all in one place while also adding some analysis.

    Play 1: Cam Sutton gives up a completion, but then quickly atones for the error by stripping the ball from the receiver…But a good play is made even better by the fact that Sutton has the presence of mind to hold up the receiver until help can arrive – in the form of Derek Barnett – and recover the fumble. Just an all around heads-up play by one of the best defensive backs in the SEC.


    Play 2: Not a bad first catch for Preston Williams, who flashes his athleticism and body control by making a 360-degree adjustment for the over-the-shoulder snag. Nice throw by Dobbs to put it high in the air and in Williams’ general vicinity to allow the freshman wideout to make a play. More of this moving forward would be a great thing for the Vol offense.


    Play 3: You have to like Jalen Hurd matched up one-on-one against almost any linebacker in the country, but especially if that linebacker plays for WCU. Alex Ellis gets a really nice block on the outside (which is a nice play design to have him in the slot as a lead blocker), and the Jalen Hurd uses his speed and vision to beat his man to the pylon.


    Play 4: What a great moment. Cam Sutton uses his leverage to force the quarterback to throw the ball inside the numbers and right into the arms of LaDarrell McNeil. McNeil then makes some people miss on his way to a 56-yard return that set up another Tennessee touchdown. Welcome back #33.

    Play 5: A few good blocks here, but this is mostly Jalen Hurd using his speed to beat the defense to the corner. Dobbs would have likely scored had he kept the ball as well.


    Play 6: The big fella fights off the block and gets his first career forced fumble while Shy Tuttle gets his first career recovery. I don’t think this will be the last time we see these two players combine for a big play.


    Play 7: We all knew it was just a matter of time before Evan berry took a kickoff to the house, but how great was it that the first one comes with his brother, Eric, in attendance? Also, five broken tackles? That’s big-league stuff, regardless of who the opponent is. Evan Berry looked like part Cordarrelle Patterson and part Leonard Fournette on this return.


    Play 8: More broken tackles and more great vision by Alvin Kamara on this return. As Daniel wrote in the initial tweet, the return wasn’t blocked particularly well for Kamara, but he makes six guys miss and finds himself in the end zone. I don’t think Cam Sutton is in danger of losing his job as Tennessee’s punt returner, but it’s nice to see that the Vols have some options.


    Play 9: This is a play that has been missing from Tennessee’s passing game for a long time. Dormady does a great job of hitching up in the pocket to avoid the rush and then putting one out in front of Preston Williams. The fact that Williams caught this while basically doing the limbo is remarkable, but these are the type of plays that Williams can provide for this offense if given the opportunity. If teams are going to continue to stack the box against the Vols, then the offense will have plenty of opportunities to make plays like this moving forward.


    Play 10: The protection fails here, but Quinten Dormady proves he’s not a statue by escaping the pressure, rolling out to his right, and delivering an absolute strike to Preston Williams for Williams’ second touchdown of the day.