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Friday Top 10: The Vols Are Cast in Star Wars

9. Lane Kiffin as Boba Fett

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Boba Fett is a bounty hunter whose sole purpose throughout the original trilogy is to capture/kill Han Solo for the crime lord Jabba the Hutt. Fett both succeeds and fails, getting Solo frozen in carbonite at the end of Episode V but then perishing in Episode VI at the hands of an unwitting and temporarily blind Han Solo.

Many fans like Boba Fett despite him being a bad guy. Many fans also wanted to see more of him in the films. In those ways, Lane Kiffin seems to fit the bill as Boba Fett.

Kiffin is ultimately viewed as “bad guy” by Vol fans, but he certainly was liked by a multitude of fans while here. And some fans still like him. But Kiffin’s brief tenure felt much like Fett’s in that he wasn’t seen here very much, and his end came abruptly and messy.

Kiffin is undoubtedly more hated than Fett, but both tried and failed to take down their targets. Fett’s was Solo, and Kiffin’s was Tennessee’s credibility and viability as a program.

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