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Friday Top 10: The Vols Are Cast in Star Wars

10. Dave Hart as The Emperor

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The evil force behind the machinations of the Empire was none other than Emperor Palpatine, known only as “The Emperor” in the originally trilogy of films. While Vader was seen on screen more, Palpatine was the true evil behind it all and wanted to turn Luke to the dark side.

The man with the most power at UT is Athletic Director Dave Hart. And Hart isn’t universally loved by Vol fans. In fact, many Vol fans aren’t happy with the job Hart has done as AD. It’s because of those reasons that Hart fits the bill as the Empire’s leader.

Hart has had many issues with Vol fans during his time as AD. Whether it was mishandling the Cuonzo Martin contract situation in 2014, not vetting Donnie Tyndall correctly, botching the move away from the “Lady Vols” moniker in women’s sports, or any other multitude of perceived gaffes, Hart isn’t the most popular man with influence over the Vols’ football program.

While not evil like Palpatine, Hart has a strained relationship over those he governs much like the Emperor. Many view Hart as an iron-fisted tyrant as and AD, and while that view may be skewed, many Vol fans would probably agree with him being cast as the ultimate villain in a Star Wars film set around the Vols.

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