Curt Maggitt Pens Open Letter to UT Fans

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    Tennessee redshirt senior Curt Maggitt faces some tough decisions in the coming months. After missing his second season due to injury, Maggitt has the option to apply for a sixth season from the NCAA.

    He could also forego that option and try his fortunes in the NFL. In an interview session on Tuesday, Maggitt remained non-committal on his plans, saying he’d make a decision following the bowl game.

    Maggitt penned an open letter to the UT fanbase on Tuesday as well, going into more depth about his time at UT and some of his thoughts about the future.

    “The biggest thing I see in our fan base is the passion,” he wrote. “Right when I was coming to school as a freshman, I walked in a basketball game and an older lady recognized me and we had a conversation where she told me she had been a season ticket holder for 40 years and she hadn’t missed a game. Here I am, a freshman coming out of high school and I didn’t know what to think. Over time, I’ve met a lot of people like that, where it’s been 30, 40, 50 years that they have been coming to games. They can remember missing one or two games and they know exactly what game it was. There is so much passion. It’s a part of the Tennessee culture to be a Vol fan and I’ve been very appreciative of all of that support, especially through the tough times that we’ve had. Our fans deserve the best. They deserve SEC Championships, National Championships, all of that. It’s coming.

    “I came to Knoxville to play football and be the best football player I could be. But in the process, I fell in love with Tennessee and everything it had to offer, from the mountains to the great people to the apple butter and jelly. This is a place I will settle some day and still try to use my influence to help kids grow. Any way I can help, that’s my goal, to give back to the community.”

    You can read the entire letter here.