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Peyton Manning Reveals Plans for the Fall

Photo credit: Denver Broncos
Photo credit: Denver Broncos

There’s been a ton of speculation about what Peyton Manning’s first fall outside of football in over two decades will entail.

Rumors have swirled about a potential future in coaching, broadcasting, business and many other possibilities, but Manning confirmed on Monday afternoon that he wants a casual, football-filled fall in 2016.

“I am really excited about having a free fall for the first time in 22 years,” Manning told reporters after presenting four scholarships, named after him, during a presentation inside Neyland Stadium on Monday. “Shockingly, it’s going to involve some football. I’ll be at the Battle at Bristol, I’ll be at the Tennessee-Alabama game and I’m going to College Station to see a game on the road. I figured that would be a neat place to watch a game, especially with my team playing there.

“Then I’ve got some Broncos’ games on the list, we have a 10-year reunion of our Colts’ Super Bowl team and I’m going to see my little brother play in some normal games as opposed to always seeing him play in the Super Bowl where you can’t breathe until the last play, so I’m going to go see him play in some regular-season games, so I’m looking forward to the fall.”

Manning also confirmed that he and Bruce Smith – two of the most legendary players from UT and Virginia Tech, respectively – will flip the coin before the Battle at Bristol between the Vols and Hokies on Sept. 10 of this year.

“I really want to protect my fall so I can do some things in 22 years,” Manning added.

The Super-Bowl winning quarterback did say that he won’t be throwing with the UT team anymore, as he’s done in the offseason in years past, and will also discontinue his annual golf tournament in Knoxville, but also made it clear he, and his charity, will still have a big presence in Knoxville going forward.

“I’ll be in Knoxville a lot this fall and, like I said, my charity foundation will continue to support this East Tennessee area like we have for the past 18 years, but looking forward to getting back to some football games this fall,” he said.

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