Insider Mailing: Remembering Summitt Edition

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    “Yes or No: Pat Summitt wins at least 1 national title if she said yes to coaching the men’s team starting in 2001.” – @techvol1

    Daniel: I know better than to say that she couldn’t have. In terms of if she would’ve, it’s impossible to say. But I guarantee you the program would’ve been more stable and would’ve been in contention at least a few times from 2001-2011 if that’s the route she would’ve chosen.

    Nathanael: I wouldn’t put anything past Pat Summitt. I said on radio this week that I think she could’ve, and I truly believe that. I think she at least takes them to the Final Four once or twice if she’s there ten years.

    “What was the most impressive aspect of Pat Summitt’s career?” – Multiple people

    Daniel: It’s tough to say, but I think just the way she built women’s college basketball, was able to dominate it for so long and then the way that she did it with class, dignity and a level of excellence that extended off the court as well. And if her health hadn’t cut her career short, I have little doubt she would’ve set a win total that never would’ve been caught. So even though some have won more titles now and her win total will be caught, I don’t know of any coaches that built the sport they dominated and did it all with a spotless reputation like Pat Summitt did.

    Nathanael: Are we talking on the court or off? Because on it, I’d have to say how she was able to pioneer women’s basketball and women’s athletics in general sometimes at the expense of making her team even better than they already were. Summitt could easily be in the double-digits in titles, but she went out of her way to help other programs and get women’s basketball the attention she wanted it to have. Off the court, I’d have to say just how much she impacted EVERYONE. Pat Summitt influenced tens of thousands of women, and that doesn’t even include all the men she influenced as well. She inspired people to be the best they could be, and that’s quite a legacy.

    “Who’s the best cinematic Batman?” – Doug Brooks

    Nathanael: Honestly, Ben Affleck surprised me with how well he did. He played a very angry, merciless Batman in a way nobody has on screen (in comics he’s been portrayed that way, but even Nolan’s Dark Knight version was as ruthless as Affleck’s). But I’m gonna go with Christian Bale’s Batman because he did every facet of it incredibly well. He was the most realistic portrayal of Batman I’ve ever seen, and he was also a superb Bruce Wayne. I can’t wait to see what Affleck does in the standalone Batman movie, but I still give the edge to Bale. It’s certainly not George Clooney, I’ll tell you that much.

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    “Since ’98, which game or specific play would you like to hear John Ward’s call in either football or basketball?” – Blake Richmond 

    Daniel: A few moments in football come to mind: James Wilhoit’s kick against Florida in 2004, some of Travis Stephens’ big runs against Florida in 2001, the 2002 Citrus Bowl, Phillip Fulmer’s final game at UT, some of the big plays from the Georgia game last year. For basketball, Bert Bertelkamp yelling “money!” after big shots is pretty memorable to me, but I would like to hear Ward’s call on some of Chris Lofton’s big shots.

    Nathanael: I would’ve LOVED to have heard Ward’s call for Wilhoit’s kick in 2004 against Florida. Would honestly have liked to have heard him during the Dooley years as well, especially the 2010 LSU and UNC games. As for basketball, hearing him call the Elite Eight run would’ve been awesome. As well as Lofton’s shot over Durant or McBee’s shot against Kansas.

    ‘”Will Hurd break the rushing record?” – @SethBallew

    Daniel: Yes, as long as he stays healthy. He only needs 891 yards, so if he plays in 13 games, he needs to average just 68.5 yards per game. His career average per game is 84.1 yards, and that includes a couple games he barely played in (Vandy & Chattanooga in 2014), so getting the record should be a layup if he’s in the lineup.

    Nathanael: He’ll not only break it, he’ll shatter it. That is, as Daniel said, as long as he’s healthy. If he is, I think he owns the record by 300-400 yards once the season is over.

    “Will Coach Bob Shoop stay 2 years plus, if Tennessee has top 5 D, and SEC championship in 16′?    – Matt D. from Cypress Inn, Tenn.

    Daniel: I’ve put the O/U for Shoop staying at about 2.5 years. He has no buyout in his contract and if he does the things you mentioned, he’s going to be a red-hot commodity as a coordinator, possibly as a head coach and maybe at the NFL level as well. I view Shoop as a swing-for-the-fences type of hire by Butch Jones, and I’ve applauded him for that. I don’t, however, think UT will be able to keep him around for an extended period of time.

    Nathanael: I think Shoop’s last season will be after the 2018 season. Maybe 2019 if it looks like it’s going to be a special year. But I just think he’s destined to be a head coach at the college level or move up to the NFL in some capacity. He’s a darn good coach.