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Vols Post Player Speeds In MPH

Photo Credit: Nick Davis/RTI
Photo Credit: Nick Davis/RTI

We often discuss athlete speed in terms of 40 times, sometimes 100 meters or some other common track distance.

But Tennessee has used GPS trackers on players in practice over the past couple years to see how fast in miles per hour some of them are moving. UT posted some of the results from fall camp via Snapchat on Monday.

Freshman receiver Tyler Byrd tops the charts with a top speed of 23.7 mph. To give that some context, some of the top sprinters in the world such as Usain Bolt and Justin Gatlin hit top speeds around 28 mph in international competition.

Jonathan Kongbo at around 280 pounds (18.4 mpg) and Kahlil McKenzie  at 315 pounds(16.3 mph) are a couple top speeds that will certainly catch the eye of both UT fans and opponents.

This doesn’t appear to be an exhaustive list since some known top speedster such as Evan Berry, Alvin Kamara, Emmanual Moseley and others aren’t on it. Still, it gives you a great idea of just how fast some of these guys can move.

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