Insider Mailing: Season Opener Time

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    “Who is the most explosive player on the team and what 90’s TV show would you relate them to?” – David Johnston 

    Daniel: Evan Berry/Saved By The Bell. When opposing coverage teams wake up in the morning, they make it to the corner just in time to see Berry fly by.

    Nathanael: This has to be the biggest turn in the middle of a question I’ve ever seen. I guess I’ll go with Kamara as most explosive, and as far as 90s show? Fresh Prince of Bel-Air because of how funny Kamara is. I don’t know, man, that’s all I got.

    “Can a two-loss SEC team get into the playoffs?” – @dobbseyebrow

    Daniel: I think it’s possible, but also unlikely. LSU won a title in 2007 with two losses, so you have to at least acknowledge that there’s a chance for a team to make the playoffs in that scenario. I think LSU or Alabama would be your best possibilities due to strength of schedule. Let’s take Alabama for example. The Tide could lose two of their first three (neutral site against USC and at Ole Miss). They could then run the table with wins over LSU, UT, Florida, A&M, Auburn, Arkansas and others, win the SEC title (assuming Ole Miss loses at least two in conference) for another quality win, and then be 11-2, SEC Champs and on a 10-game winning streak. They’d have to at least get a look from the committee at that point.

    Erik: This year, no

    Nathanael: I don’t think so, no. I think two SEC teams could make it, but it would require one of them to be undefeated and the other to have one loss. Not two losses.

    Ben Miller Loans

    @ErikAinge3 and @johncaveosborne are locked in a room with a bear. They are fighting over a top notch burrito. Who eats it?” – Chris in Disgusta

    Erik: Is it fourth meal from Taco Bell? If it’s fourth meal from Taco Bell, I’m winning.

    Nathanael: Ainge has the size and is currently broke and starving, so I’m picking him with an easy victory.

    “In a medieval combat type situation which skill player would fare the best? Sorry I know it’s a common question”  – Matthew French

    Erik: Jalen Hurd, best tattoos

    Nathanael: I think someone to watch would be Jauan Jennings, but man, Hurd has to be my pick too. He’s just way to big, strong, and athletic not to pick for something like this.

    “Think Butch will have any trick plays for VT, and will Bucky Hodges be a match up problem for us? Go Vols!” – Ryan Hickson

    Daniel: I think he’ll have some ready to go, no doubt. If I’m Jones, I run my base offense right at the Hokies and see if they can stop it, but have them tucked away if there’s a need for a jolt or a momentum swing.

    Tennessee is well-equipped to defend a tight end like Hodges, but the Vols did give up some pretty big numbers to O.J. Howard and Hunter Henry last year. Hodges is in the same stratosphere as those guys in terms of pure talent and NFL potential.

    Erik: If he needs them, that means Jerod Evans is good, and I’m terrified. I think we’ll be fine against Hodges because Todd Kelly Jr. and the linebackers can match up against him.

    Nathanael: I don’t think he pulls any out, not unless he needs it. And, as Ainge said, if he needs it that means Jerod Evans is really good, and this game will be a lot closer than most of us are thinking. And no, the Vols will face better than Hodges this season. I’m more worried about them later on.

    “If CBJ has an heir apparent on his staff, who would it be?” – Coach Rick

    Daniel: I think there are a handful of guys on the staff such as Bob Shoop and Larry Scott that might get a head coaching job in the future, but I don’t really think Jones, or anybody on the staff, is thinking about who the heir will be. If Jones leaves in the next couple years, UT will almost certainly look externally.

    Erik: I don’t think it really matters, but I think he’s got a staff of people who are content – a good mix of people who are content

    Nathanael: No, he doesn’t. Not because he doesn’t have good assistants, but because Jones is just too young to have an heir apparent right now. He’s not like a Mack Brown or Bobby Bowden.

    “What is the weirdest piece of Vol-related merchandise you own?” –@UmbrAndrew

    Erik: 3X5 poster from the last time I lost to Florida

    Nathanael: I truly don’t think I have anything weird that’s Vol-related merchandise. I do have one of those grey and orange shakers from the first Smokey Grey game against Georgia in 2013, but that may be as weird as it gets for me.

    “What was @SEC ‘s response on Shy’s injury? Did I miss it? You should file a FOIA for this & any links Harambe had to Clinton. – @SgtVol

    Daniel: Tennessee submitted the clip, but I don’t think the SEC made any kind of public response to it. Brandon Kublanow, who made the block, didn’t receive any discipline for it.

    Nathanael: You know, that’s actually pretty cool. I always like a little throwback.