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Tennessee-Alabama Drinking Game

 Photo By Donald Page/Tennessee Athletics
Photo By Donald Page/Tennessee Athletics

There are two games that I know of that Tennessee fans will never pass up the opportunity to be a part of: a Tennessee football game and a drinking game.

The Tennessee-Alabama game is this weekend, and it’s pretty well known that Alabama has more than dominated this game in recent meetings. If that’s how this one happens to shake out, this will help ease the pain of another loss to the fighting Robert Chickens.

So without further delay the Bama-Tennessee drinking game.

Take a Drink:

  1. Every time Verne screws up Jalen Hurd and Jalen Hurts
  2. Every time they mention Kiffin’s time at Tennessee
  3. Every time Verne says “Wow!” take a VERY SMALL drink
  4. Every time Gary emphasizes Hurts is a true freshman (may want to make this a small one too)
  5. Every time Verne says “Oh my goodness”

These things seem to happen fairly often with these two on the call so that’s why we put them in the easiest category on the list by our standards.

Take a shot:

  1. Whenever they mention Kamara transferring from Alabama
  2. Whenever Verne screws up a name in general
  3. Every time Bama scores in the first half

(2 and 3 I would tread lightly)

  1. To counter that every time they talk about Tennessee’s second half comebacks
  2. Every time they reference Tennessee continuously being the featured game

I felt these would be more sporadic, so naturally I had to up the ante a little bit and make it a shot instead. I will say that number 2 on this list leans more towards being in the first section, but this is for your benefit to help you maintain a certain level as the game wears on.

Finish your drink:

  1. Either team gets a defensive TD
  2. Kickoff return for a touchdown
  3. Every time Tennessee scores in the second half and it is accompanied with a reference to the second half comebacks
  4. If Saban yells at Kiffin on the sideline like he is a disobedient child
  5. If at the halftime coach interviews Butch uses any of these buzz words
    1. Critical
    2. Individual(s)
    3. Mental/Eye/Tackling Errors/Discipline
    4. Chart

These I felt might be the rarest and therefore the most deserving of the CHUG CHUG CHUG chant. It’s mostly things you can’t say for sure will happen, but if they do, you either want to celebrate them by finishing off your drink or block them out of your memory doing so.

If you catch yourself wondering what you’re going to play this game with we can help you out there too, our friends over at Sugarlands Distilling Company in Gatlinburg can hook you up. They have tons of fantastic moonshine flavors for you to enjoy, and you can look on for videos of how to make some delicious mixed drinks to sip on when you hear one of our “take a drink” buzz words.

However, don’t let that stop you from just taking it straight when it’s time to take a shot or finish off your drink when it comes time during this game. As always we encourage everyone to sip wisely and enjoy the game. Go Vols.

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