Practice Notes: Vols Prepare For Vandy

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    Photo Credit: Nick Davis/RTI

    Photo Credit: Nick Davis/RTI

    Green Jerseys

    Running back Alvin Kamara, linebacker Darrin Kirkland, and defensive back Rashaun Gaulden were dressed in green non-contact jerseys.

    Circle of Life

    Immediately after the stretch period, Coach Jones called the players in for a couple of Circle of Life reps. The reps were:

    • D.J Henderson v. Justin Martin
    • D. J Henderson v. Jeff George
    • Nathan Niehaus v. Ryan Johnson
    • Austin Sanders v. Alexis Johnson

    For the supposed last rep, Jones called for Josh Malone and Jauan Jennings and the team got fired up. As the two were set to face off against each other, Jones then called it off saying he just wanted to see how Malone would respond to the challenge.

    Special Teams

    Punter Trevor Daniel was booming punts with a consistent 4.8-5.0 second hang time. The kick return unit consisted of Micah Abernathy, John Kelly, Malik Foreman, Tyler Byrd, and Marquill Osborne. Osborne and Byrd were the primary returners against Missouri. However, Abernathy was receiving the first team kicks so he may get the nod over Osborne due to experience.

    Battle of the Lines

    Once again, the defensive and offensive linemen were going against each other in individual drills. Freshman offensive tackle Marcus Tatum actually had a solid rep against Derek Barnett and was able to stand Barnett up. Defensive end Corey Vereen was able to knock offensive tackle Brett Kendrick to the ground on a pass rush drill. Right tackle Chance Hall was also back at practice and seemed to be moving fine. Hall was out against Missouri.