Dobbs Responds To Question About His Passion For Football

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    While Josh Dobbs was on Tennessee’s roster from 2013-16, fans, commentators, and analysts alike all enjoyed discussing how the full-time starting quarterback could balance his role with the Vols and his demanding class load as an aerospace engineer. Every time the Vols were on television, the commentators for that game would praise him for both his performance on the field and in the classroom.

    But now that Dobbs is no longer in school, his passion for a career outside of sports is now leading to scouts questioning his passion for the NFL, at least that’s what Rich Eisen said he was hearing when he asked Dobbs a question about the matter.

    Dobbs made a guest appearance on Eisen’s show¬†to discuss those who would question his dedication to football. During the interview Dobbs said the topic came up but that “my answer to that is I love football.”

    “I’ve played (football) since I was five,” Dobbs said to Eisen. “I remember it coming up in my college recruiting process. Was I going to go to Tennessee to play football or Stanford to play baseball? I wanted to go to Stanford since I was five, but I couldn’t imagine not wanting to play football.”

    Dobbs chose football and famously flipped his commitment from Arizona State to Tennessee in the waning moments of the 2013 recruiting cycle. Dobbs would wind up being arguably the biggest get in that class for Butch Jones’ first offseason as Tennessee’s head coach.

    “I ended up going to Tennessee and haven’t looked back since,” Dobbs stated. “I wanted to go to college and pursue a degree I could have a career in so 15 years down the road when I can’t play football anymore, I’ll go into that.

    “But I love football and I plan on playing as long as I can.”

    After a solid showing at both the Senior Bowl and NFL Combine, Dobbs still has Tennessee’s Pro Day left to show off his abilities to scouts. It’s now up to them to believe his word about loving football over everything else.

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