Tennessee Has One of the Best Marketing Deals in the Nation

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    According to data compiled over the last eight months by the Portland Business Journal, the University of Tennessee has one of the best marketing deals in the country.

    Tennessee makes an estimated $6.2 million annually from their marketing agreement with IMG College, the nation’s largest collegiate sports marketing company. That total is the 18th-best surplus in the nation according to the Business Journal’s research.

    The data was gathered by filing “public records requests with every school in the top level of college sports for a copy of its multimedia rights deals,” according to the Business Journal.

    “Under a typical deal,” the Journal writes, “the companies pay the universities an annual fee and keep the cash from any sponsorships and advertisements they sell. Some deals have a revenue threshold above which the schools and companies share revenue.”

    According to the data, Tennessee ranks No. 18 in the country with the $6.2 million it makes annually with IMG College. Texas, who also has a deal with IMG College, brings in a whopping $12.7 million, the tops in the country.

    Auburn ($7.5 million), Kentucky ($9.3 million), and Georgia ($10.6 million) are the only other SEC schools in the top 25 schools making the most money with their marketing deals.