Results from Tennessee’s Pro Day

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    Photo via Will Boling

    The Vols had 16 players from their 2016 roster participating in their annual Pro Day on campus on Friday. Several former players from past Tennessee teams ran through drills as well, as did four Carson Newman football players.

    Not all the results from every participant have been finalized or released by the UT athletics department, but here are the results we have thus far from the Vols who ran through drills at Tennessee’s Pro Day today.

    Bench Press

    Derek Barnett: 20 reps
    Kenny Bynum: 20 reps
    Danny O’Brien: 25 reps
    LaTroy Lewis: 21 reps
    Corey Vereen: 26 reps
    Dylan Wiesman: 27 reps

    Vertical Jump

    Derek Barnett: 31 inches
    Jason Croom: 34 inches
    Jalen Reeves-Maybin: 35.5 inches

    40 Yard Dash (unofficial)

    Derek Barnett: 4.90 seconds
    Malik Foreman: 4.37 seconds
    Jason Croom: 4.63 seconds
    LaTroy Lewis: 4.89 seconds
    Jalen Reeves-Maybin: 4.65 seconds
    Dylan Wiesman: 5.09 seconds
    Danny O’Brien: 5.12 seconds

    20 Yard Shuttle

    Derek Barnett: 4.44 seconds
    Jalen Reeves-Maybin: 4.44 seconds
    Malik Foreman: 4.23 seconds
    Alvin Kamara: 4.25 seconds
    Cam Sutton: 4.15 seconds
    Jason Croom: 4.44
    Corey Vereen: 4.44
    LaTroy Lewis: 4.34
    Dylan Wiesman: 4.85 seconds

    60 Yard Shuttle

    Jason Croom: 12.00 seconds
    Jalen Reeves-Maybin: 11.85 seconds
    Malik Foreman: 11.63 seconds
    LaTroy Lewis: 12.63 seconds
    Corey Vereen: 12.2 seconds

    Three Cone

    Derek Barnett: 7.12 seconds
    Cam Sutton: 7.09 seconds
    Alvin Kamara: 7.06 seconds
    Jason Croom: 7.41 seconds
    Malik Foreman: 7.40 seconds
    LaTroy Lewis: 7.43 seconds
    Jalen Reeves-Maybin: 7.39 seconds
    Corey Vereen: 7.56 seconds
    Dylan Wiesman: 8.03 seconds
    Danny O’Brien: 7.72 seconds

    Of Note:

    Derek Barnett reportedly was dealing with a tight hamstring during part of Pro Day which is why he didn’t participate in every drill. Josh Dobbs also hit Josh Malone on a 50-yard bomb in the closing minutes of some pass catching drills.