Insider Mailing: Almost Orange and White Game Edition

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    Photo Credit: Will Boling/RTI

    We answer your questions about Tennessee athletics or anything else in our weekly mailbag, Insider Mailing. 

    “We gonna run with the 2-Quarterback system or nah?” – @SCompton72

    Nathanael: Honestly, it would not surprise me one bit if that ended up happening. Jones did it at Cincinnati and the Vols have done it before back in 2004 most notably. I feel like Jones will do it to keep both quarterbacks. I hope it doesn’t happen, but it very well could.

    Will: I don’t see Butch going for a 2-QB system. With how stubborn he is about his offense, philosophically I don’t think it makes any sense. He will either go with Guarantano and take a chance, or mold his offense to fit Dormady’s style. The only game I see UT planning on playing multiple quarterbacks would be the first once against Georgia Tech, but only if the first couple series are disasters.

    “Is Summitt Plaza being renamed Holly’s House?” – @neylandmafia

    Nathanael: Chancellor Davenport has made some dumb tweets, but that might’ve been the worst. Goodness.

    Will: Certain members of the Tennessee fan base are going to work hard to find fault with everything Chancellor Davenport does solely because she didn’t hire David Blackburn. This tweet wasn’t a great one, but it’s also being blown way out of proportion.

    “Think the Vols could have a player in every round? Barring any big jumps.” – Ben Lee

    Nathanael: In my own “mock draft” that I’ve had going for Vol players, I have Barnett in the 1st, Kamara in the 2nd, Sutton and Malone in the 4th, Dobbs in the 5th or 6th, JRM in the 6th, and Vereen in the 7th. So it could be very possible, but I wouldn’t count on it honestly. I think it’s a stretch to say Vereen, Croom, or Weisman gets drafted at all, so the 6th or 7th rounds will be tricky.

    Will: It might be close, but I think there are a lot of uncertain variables in play. Barnett in the first round is the only virtual-lock I see on the board for former Vols, and even that’s not a 100% guarantee. It’s certainly a possibility through the first four rounds, but I don’t see Tennessee having seven total players drafted.

    “What are the odds Florida signs that one student helper Jennings ran over. I admit I saw a little bit of Tabor in him.” – @UmbrAndrew

    Nathanael: He should officially be on scholarship watch. Tennessee must be worried about him flipping now.

    Will: I bet he has a faster 40 time than Tabor, so I’d say the odds are pretty solid.

    Assuming bears can breathe under water or sharks could survive on land who would win in a fight, the shark or the bear???? – Ashley

    Nathanael: Easy, the bear. I guess it would technically depend on what type of bear, but I’m still picking the bear hands down.

    Will: I’ve had this debate so many times, so I want to thank you for bringing this to our attention on a public forum. Bear, no contest. Those things are ferocious, and they are faster than they look.

    Do you see the Rock Gullickson hire paying the highest dividends in terms of staff-changes? – Hunter

     Nathanael: When it comes to immediate impact, I think so. In my opinion, it’s between him and Charlton Warren as the defensive backs coach. Tennessee’s two biggest deficiencies last season were arguably strength and conditioning and then defensive back play. Therefore, I think those two have the biggest room for improvement. And I think Tennessee upgraded in a big way at both those positions.

    Will: In my experience, strength coaches are the unsung heroes of the coaching staff. Players often spend as much, if not more time with these guys over the offseason than anyone else on staff. Gullickson was an absolute home run. I think you’ll see his impact the most through immediate impact freshman like Trey Smith and Shanon Reid.