Currie Tells Story Of Accidentally Tweeting “Go Vols” While At KSU

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    Photo Credit: Mason Burgin/RTI

    Tennessee athletics director John Currie was at Tennessee from 1997-2009 before leaving to take over at Kansas State.

    So it’s only natural that he might have had Tennessee on his mind a couple years into his new position in Manhatten. Currie joined our partner radio show The Swain Event on Friday morning and when asked about social media and a time where he recently accidentally tweeted an apple instead of an orange, Currie told a funny story from his time at Kansas State that Tennessee fans should enjoy.

    “I actually – y’all may know – I guess it was my second or third year in at Kansas State back in 2011 or 2012, I made the mistake, I was sitting at the dinner table…and I tweeted something out about some kind of academic accolade that came across the wire and I tweeted out, “Congratulations to K-State student-athletes for being on this academic honor roll,” or whatever it was and I finished my tweet “Go Vols” and I was at Kansas State right, I was three years in and that ended up being the lead story on the 10 o’clock news,” Currie said.

    “I had one of my interns that was following me on Twitter that called me 30 minutes and said, “Hey, man, Mr. Currie, you messed up, you better fix that.” And so I had to tweet something out something about hey, “Go Cats, just checking to see if anybody was watching,” so you have to be careful with that stuff.”

    Currie went on to say that interacting with the fans via social media and other avenues is a priority for him. He is writing a periodic newsletter to update fans on various events and issues going on and is also setting up a private e-mail portal that he plans to read and respond to as much as possible.

    Those will be efforts that are appreciated by Tennessee’s fan base, as long as, of course, Currie doesn’t slip up and tweet “Go Cats” at any point.

    You can listen to the entire interview at the 38:40 mark of Friday’s podcast right here.