Insider Mailing: Offseason Edition

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    We answer your questions about Tennessee athletics and anything else on your mind in our weekly mailbag, Insider Mailing.

    “Is it bad I currently have way more confidence and hope in my Atlanta Braves than my beloved Vols?” – Monte

    Daniel: Understandable because the Braves have a very clear plan for what they’re trying to accomplish by building the franchise with arms – enough so that they can have a top rotation in a few years perhaps and have some trade currency to help with the offense. Will it work? Hard to say, but there’s pretty solid leadership at the team and a clear direction. I understand questioning UT in those areas right now.

    Nathanael: I don’t think it’s bad, no. The Braves have a lot of potential thanks to their young roster and solid farm system. The Vols may have potential with a young roster, but I understand the apprehension about the coaching staff and the administration. So no, I think it makes sense that you have more faith in the Braves than the Vols.

    What’s Pekka’s hockey future now that he’s been contracted to be Trump’s US/Mexico border wall?” – @UmbrAndrew

    Daniel: No worries, he’ll do both.

    Nathanael: Easy: He clones himself. Have you learned nothing from the Internet this week and the Avril Lavigne story?

    “With all the celebrities in attendance and crazy atmosphere, are the Predators the new “Showtime” like the 80’s Lakers?” – @neylandmafia

    Daniel: Atmosphere itself during this run is comparable to just about anything in sports, but in terms of overall star power surrounding the team, that’s a hard no.

    Nathanael: Not quite, no. For the most part, the celebrities at the Preds’ games have been country artists and athletes from other Nashville sports. Yes, people like Dak Prescott and Rex Ryan have been there, as well as a few other notable celebrities. But I think it’s a stretch to compare them to the 80s Lakers. Not even close.

    “Could Mr. Hurd have picked a bigger cluster to transfer into than Baylor?” – @LoneNutVolFan

    Daniel: The newest allegations are among the worst things I’ve ever ever heard in sports. If even some of them are true, I couldn’t endorse anybody in my family going there as a student, athlete or an employee.

    Nathanael: Nope. Baylor is a disgrace to college football. He could not have picked a more terrible and controversial place to transfer this offseason.

    Daniel: That’s two straight mailbags that the McElwain shark has made it in.

    Nathanael: My eyes are bleeding again, thanks.