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Peyton Manning…as President?

Photo Credit: Mason Burgin/RTI

Peyton Manning is loved in the state of Tennessee. Vol fans and the state in general hold Manning in high regard. He’s a local hero in the Knoxville area and is a sports legend to both collegiate and professional football. Manning is known for his sports career, but he also has shown an interest in politics. So it wasn’t much of a surprise when reports surfaced that Manning was possibly considering running for senator in 2020 if current Tennessee senator Lamar Alexander chose not to run again then.

Running for senator is one thing. But could Peyton Manning actually run for president of the United States some day?

According to Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report, a Manning presidential campaign could actually be a possibility someday. Freeman spoke with two different sources who both believe Manning will either run for president in the future or would make a great politician regardless of what office he runs for.

Freeman texted a photo of Manning playing golf with current U.S. President Donald Trump to an unnamed AFC general manager, to which the GM replied “Peyton Manning will be president one day.” That GM wasn’t the only one who thinks highly of Manning’s political potential, though. Pat McAffee, a former teammate of Manning’s and host of a podcast for Barstool Sports, believes Manning would make an exceptional politician.

“If he was to become a politician, I assume he’d be incredible at it,” McAfee told Freeman. “He’s a leader, a tireless worker and a fabulous communicator. I don’t know much about politics, but I think if you have those three traits, you have a chance of being a real world-changer. I hope he gets into it someday; would be great for our country.”

Manning has never confirmed nor denied his interest in running for a political office in the near future, but given his popularity in the state of Tennessee, it’s not out of the question to think he would consider at least running for an office in the state.

Peyton wouldn’t be the first former Vol quarterback to go into politics if he chose that route. Former Tennessee quarterback Heath Shuler was a U.S. Representative from North Carolina from 2007-2013 following a brief professional football career.

As of now, a Manning-led presidential campaign or campaign for any office is merely speculation. But as the buzz heats up, Vol fans have to wonder if they’ll soon be considering casting a vote for the Tennessee football legend.

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