Vol Fan Leaves Message for Alabama Fans at Bryant-Denny

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    A few weeks ago, a Vol fan altered a message on a traffic sign to troll Florida Gator fans near the University of Florida. This weekend, a Vol fan (presumably a different one) left a message for Alabama fans outside Bryant-Denny Stadium.

    One Vol fan was bold enough to grab some chalk and write up a “Go Vols!” message outside of Alabama’s stadium. Here’s the proof as captured by Charlie Potter, an Alabama beat reporter for 247Sports:

    Here’s another angle as captured by Chandler Rome, an Alabama reporter for the Anniston Star:

    Of course, sidewalk chalk is easily removed, so it’s doubtful the message stayed there long. But the resourceful Vol fan got their message across regardless.

    Tennessee hasn’t beaten Alabama since 2006, and seven of the Vols’ 10 losses in that span have been by 20 or more points. But that won’t stop Vol fans from trash talking Alabama fans and trying to live up to their end of the rivalry.