The Biggest Reasons Why the Vols Could Surprise in 2017

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    More Favorable Schedule

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    There’s no such thing as an easy schedule in the SEC. But some are more favorable than others, and Tennessee’s 2017 schedule is definitely more favorable than their slate of games last season.

    Last year, the Vols had a four game gauntlet that proved to be the beginning of the end for the team. Tennessee started out with dramatic wins against Florida and Georgia, but then a seven turnover performance against Texas A&M on the road led to a loss, and then the Vols were pummeled at home by Alabama.

    Then even after a bye week after that beat down, Tennessee still lost to South Carolina and lost the SEC East title in the process.

    This year’s schedule, however, doesn’t look nearly as daunting on paper as last year’s.

    Tennessee still has four extremely tough games this year. They have road trips to Florida and Alabama and host Georgia and LSU. But none of those games are back-to-back, and the layout of the schedule looks much better than last year.

    The Vols’ have a game against Indiana State before they play Florida, UMass in between their Florida and Georgia game, a bye week after the Georgia game and before South Carolina (again), Alabama after the South Carolina game, and they play LSU at home after traveling to Missouri the previous week.

    Again, this is not an easy schedule by any means. But it plays out much better than last year’s, and that could help the Vols have a better season than anticipated.

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