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Position Grades: Tennessee 42, Indiana State 7


Photo Credit: Will Boling/RTI

Cortez McDowell led the team in tackles, and Daniel Bituli had another solid game. Colton Jumper wasn’t bad, but he had his fair share of mistakes as well. The linebackers had some troubles defending the jet sweep against Indiana State, but overall the unit didn’t get burned badly and was fairly solid in coverage as well.

Nathanael: B
Will: B+

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One Response

  1. It looked like a B performance all around, it seemed you WR/TE and D-line grades were a little low. Fewer drop (maybe 2) and none by the TE’s. WR bailed out average throws by the QB’s (Palmer’s catch on RPO, that should have been a TD catch and both of Johnson and Calloway TD catches) Even George’s drop on GITMO’s second quarter deep attempt was an underthrown ball to a WR who was behind the defender.

    The D-line didn’t rack up many stats but three come to mind, they gave up one TD drive of 44 yards, gave up a long run of 13 yards, and 10 of ISU 13 possessions were 4 plays or less. It doesn’t matter how you are playing a team can create stats like that with average D-line play. I didn’t even mention 3rd down conversions.

    Go big Orange and keep up the good work

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