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32 Vols Since 2013 Class Have Transferred Under Butch Jones

The 2013 Class

Photo Credit: Mason Burgin/RTI


Jason Carr, DL
Ryan Jenkins, WR
Riley Ferguson, QB
Paul Harris (Alphonso Carter), WR
Lemond Johnson, DB
Jaylen Miller, DL
Malik Brown, DL
Riyahd Jones, DB
AJ Branisel, TE

The attrition in this class is understandable due to the fact that most of the players in this class committed to a different head coach. A large part of the 2013 class committed under Derek Dooley, not Jones. So transfers were expected in this class.

One notable exception to that is defensive lineman Jaylen Miller. Jones was able to flip Miller late in the 2013 recruiting cycle, but Miller ended up leaving eventually.

Riley Ferguson has gone on to have major success at Memphis since he left Tennessee prior to the 2014 season. The rest of the transfers on this list ended up doing little elsewhere.

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  1. So how does this compare to other SEC teams, who were the transfers and how did they impact the team. This is a bit of a regurgitation of the “Significant Transfers” article from another source that listed a number of player who had to transfer to lesser schools to get playing time. The only “significant” players were the 2 QB’s who couldn’t beat out Dobbs but did have good careers elsewhere. A very jaded headline that is meant for shock value & clicks but no real substance. Find something real to write about!!

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