Tennessee vs. Missouri Live Thread

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    Photo By Donald Page/Tennessee Athletics

    Tennessee got blown out by Missouri by a final score of 50-17 on Saturday night.

    Here’s our live game thread of the Vols’ crushing defeat.

    Fourth Quarter

    4:55 — Yep, we’re still playing football. McBride fumbles deep in Mizzou territory. The Tigers will take over at their own 32.

    13:21 — Half a century for Missouri. Lock finds Johnson for a 20 yard touchdown. Tennessee has allowed six touchdowns tonight. And the Vols have scored five offensive touchdowns in SEC play this season.

    14:17 — Fils-aime fumbles. The Vols defense has to be exhausted right now…and they’re headed out on the field again.

    14:25 — Missouri running back Ish Witter has 216 yards. Tennessee’s offense has 217 total yards.

    14:32 — Another field goal from McCann, this time from 38 yards out. The Tigers weren’t able to capitalize on the Vols’ interception.

    End of the Third Quarter: Missouri 41, Tennessee 17

    2:42 — McBride is picked off at the 25 again. He forced a ball deep down the field. He’s had an ok night, but that was a bad decision.

    2:48 — 23-yard field goal for McCann. Mizzou 41, Tennessee 17.

    3:45 — McBride is picked off on a tipped ball. Ouch. This is about to get out of hand.

    4:34 — Missouri finds the endzone…again. J’Mon Moore hauls in a 23 yard pass from Lock. Justin Martin had him wrapped up at the first down marker…but he broke the tackle and outran Abernathy to the endzone.

    7:09 — McBride overthrows Palmer on third down. Vols punt once again. This is on the verge of getting ugly.

    8:40 — Mizzou goes three-and-out after Hall drops an easy ball twenty yards down the field. Tennessee needs to capitalize on that mistake right here.

    9:30 — More changes for the Tennessee offensive line. Riley Locklear is playing guard and Ryan Johnson is at center. Oh, and John Kelly has six carries for nine yards. That can’t happen.

    10:56 — Touchdown Mizzou. Drew Lock finds Emmanuel Hall in the endzone for a 50-yard completion. And it wasn’t difficult. Tigers lead by two touchdowns.

    13:10 — And then there’s some of the bad McBride. He takes another third down sack. Punting unit coming out for the Vols.

    14:19 — Will McBride is picking up where he left off in the first half. After taking a ten yard loss on first down, he runs for a gain of 43 up to the Missouri 42-yard line.

    Half: Missouri 24, Tennessee 17. The Vols shouldn’t be in this game…but they are. Will McBride has looked pretty good. The defensive backs have been up to the challenge against Drew Lock. But UT’s rushing defense has been abysmal for the entire half.

    :18 — Touchdown Missouri. That is a backbreaking drive for Tennessee given the fact that Mizzou gets the ball to start the second half. Roundtree found the endzone from a yard out.

    :36 — Larry Roundtree carries for 64 yards inside the Tennessee five. Absolutely inexcusable play by the Vols’ defense.

    1:15 — Will McBride is taking over. He makes an amazing throw to Ethan Wolf for a touchdown. That was amazing…and just like that…we’re all tied.

    2:11 — McBride delivers a beautiful ball to Brandon Johnson, who is ushered out of bounds at the four. He rolled out to the right side and made a perfect throw on the run.

    3:00 — McBride carries for a gain of eight on third down. Butch Jones takes another timeout as the play clock winds down to think about this next play.

    3:15 — 3rd & 10 upcoming for Tennessee who has to take a timeout to avoid a delay of game.

    5:18 — Will McBride can move. He’s got two five yard rushes to put the Vols in Tiger territory.

    7:25 — Tucker McCann adds a field goal from 41 yards out. Tennessee has been dominated for this entire game…and somehow it only trails by a touchdown.

    8:22 — Larry Roundtree rushes for a touchdown but it’s called back for holding. Vols catch a break there.

    9:33 — Colton Jumper misses an easy tackle…and it results in a Missouri first down. Tigers are now inside the UT 40.

    11:21 — Will McBride almost gets away from a heavy pass rush on third down, but is brought down by the last line of defense for a sack. He needed to get rid of the ball a lot earlier there, but just tried to make something happen with his legs.

    12:38 — Tennessee started to move the ball with Ty Chandler, but then he gets dropped for a loss of five. That hurts. UT has to stay on schedule.

    End of the First Quarter — Missouri 14, Tennessee 10. The Tigers have out-gained the Vols 158-52. Without a defensive touchdown, the Vols would be in trouble early. But Nigel Warrior’s pick-six has at least kept the Vols in the game after the first quarter.

    :34 — Micah Abernathy is injured after a five yard run. He went down with a non-contact injury. Theo Jackson checks in at safety.

    1:17 — Aaron Medley adds a 48-yard field goal. That’s a big make for the senior kicker. Vols trail by four.

    1:22 — Will McBride nearly threw a touchdown pass…to Missouri. But the defender dropped an easy interception that may have gone for six.

    4:32 — Two quick first downs for McBride and Tennessee. He throws a nice ball over the middle to Brandon Johnson and then runs for a gain of 12. He’s doing alright so far.

    4:52 — Missouri answers with a touchdown. Drew Lock finds Emmanuel Hall over the middle for an easy 31 yard touchdown. Tigers lead by a touchdown.

    7:19 — Touchdown Tennessee. That will help. Nigel Warrior takes a pick-six to the house. We’ve got a tie game. Warrior had a lot of work to do after making that pick. And he ran across the field, showing some nice vision to take it all the way for six.

    8:28 — McBride is sacked on third down. And it was easy. Trey Smith missed a block at right tackle, and the Vols have to punt once again. Devante Brooks and Smith flipped spots before that play. The Vols can’t afford to get a bad night out of their star freshman tackle.

    9:15 — Touchdown Missouri. Ish Witter finds the endzone from seven yards out. That was ugly for the Vols.

    10:59 — And now Missouri is moving. Quickly. Ish Witter is running all over the Vols’ defense. He’s got five carries for 62 yards on this drive so far.

    11:56 — Tennessee gets a first down via a McBride run. But the Vols can’t get much more than that. Trevor Daniel’s 40-yard punt pushes the Tigers back to their own 18.

    14:17 — Missouri goes three-and-out. Quart’e Sapp makes a nice breakup over the middle to get the defense off the field. It’s Will McBride time.