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Tennessee Head Football Coach Hot Board

Photo Credit: Mason Burgin/RTI

Peyton Manning

Quick Bio: You don’t need an introduction for Peyton Manning. Every Vol fan knows who he is and what he means to Tennessee.

Pros: Manning is arguably the most famous football player to ever don the orange and white. He’s invested in the Vols now that he’s retired from the NFL, and he’s yet to make a big move to a new job since he retired after the 2015 season.

Cons/Questions: Though a fan favorite, Manning has no coaching experience whatsoever. You can argue he was his own offensive coordinator in the NFL, but he has no actual collegiate or professional coaching experience. Tabbing Manning to be a head coach now seems premature. Quarterbacks coach, though? We’ll see.

Phillip Fulmer

Quick Bio: Once again, you don’t need an introduction for this man. Fulmer bleeds orange and means as much if not more to the university than Manning.

Pros: Fulmer led the Vols to a national title, and Tennessee hasn’t been the same since he was fired in 2008. Hiring him back would win over a large portion of Vol fans, and it would give Fulmer a chance to go out in a much better way than he did almost a decade ago.

Cons/Questions: Fulmer already works for UT, and he doesn’t appear to have a desire to get back into coaching. This is likely just a fantasy in every way imaginable.

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2 Responses

  1. The fans have to be there for the team and show them that we are still Vols. We cannot forget how hard this has been on them. We need to show up and make them proud that they came to UT and give the future Vols a reason to hope. GBO

  2. Jimbo was a Nick Saban assistant. So Kirby wasn’t the first successful Saban assistant

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