Jauan Jennings Blasts Vols’ Coaching Staff in Instagram Video

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    Tennessee wide receiver Jauan Jennings has never been afraid to speak his mind. And on Wednesday afternoon, he made a couple live videos on Instagram that shared his true feelings about Tennessee’s coaching staff. Jennings posted two videos to his Instagram account on Wednesday afternoon after the football team’s practice, and he didn’t hold back. He went on a profanity-laced tirade about the Vols’ coaches, not being able to make a bowl game, and his hatred of Vanderbilt. In the video, Jennings accuses the Vols’ coaching staff of being “liars” and “in it for the paycheck” among other things. He made a plea to Tennessee to bring in a better coach with their next hire. He also stated he’s “trying to come back” for the 2018 season and wants a “good coach” for next year. Since Jennings’ Instagram is private, we cannot post the videos directly from his Instagram. We did, however, take a recording of his videos and have the recording for you below (WARNING: There is strong language in the video below)

    UPDATE [This video is no longer available]