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Position Grades: No. 2 Georgia 38, Vols 12

Defensive Line

Photo by Anne Newman/RTI

Nathanael: C+

Tennessee’s defensive line didn’t really deteriorate until the second half, and then it was because they were worn down after being on the field so often. Shy Tuttle showed some good burst, and both Kyle Phillips and Alexis Johnson had good games. Both linemen had seven tackles and were tied for the second-most tackles in the game for Tennessee. But the Vols’ line did allow Georgia to run for 251 yards and averaged five yards per carry. The Bulldogs did most of their damage on the ground in the second half, but they still managed to rack up a lot of yards. The line has gotten better, but Georgia’s backs were able to get past them and into the second level often. Aside from the sacks on Jake Fromm, the Vols only stopped a UGA back once behind the line for a loss.

Ben: C

In pass rushing situations, I thought Shy Tuttle and Kyle Phillips had good games, and Alexis Johnson also had a nice game. But against the run, the group got very little push, and as a result, allowed Georgia to rush for 251 yards. Now, the group did hold its own in the first half while the offense struggled to put a drive together. But as a result of the poor offensive showing, the D-line wore down towards the end of the game. Tuttle and Phillips finished with a combined 14 tackles, their most productive game yet.

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