Podcast: The RTI Recap & React Show 10-1-18

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    Every Monday the RTI team goes live on Periscope and Facebook Live to recap and let you react to the Vols’ game on Saturday. It’s our RTI Recap & React Monday Show driven by Toyota Knoxville!

    This week, managing editor Nathanael Rutherford and staff writer Ben McKee discussed the improvements they saw from the Vols in their match-up with No. 2 Georgia on Saturday. Did Tennessee show us enough to feel optimism for the rest of the season? Do the Vols need to narrow their running back rotation? Is it time to start passing the ball more? Will the Vols have a chance to upset Auburn? They discussed that and more.

    Did you miss the show live? You can catch the recordings below.

    Here is the Facebook Live recording of the show:

    Here is the Periscope recording of the show:

    The RTI Recap & React Show is made possible and driven by Toyota Knoxville! Check out Toyota Knoxville’s website today and browse through their large inventory online by clicking on their logo below!