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Grading the Vols’ Performance Through Five Weeks


Photo by Anne Newman/RTI

Nathanael: D+

There was optimism to start the season that the Vols could bounce back this year and make a bowl game. That hope has faded quite a bit now after humbling losses to both West Virginia and Florida. But more realistic fans and media (and I’ll admit, I was more optimistic than I probably should’ve been to start the season) probably expected a start closer to this.

It hasn’t been ideal, and there have been some really embarrassing moments to start this season. But I’m including the plus on my “D” grade because it does look like the Vols are beginning to improve and come together as a team. But overall, the firs five weeks haven’t been very memorable. At least, not in a good way.

Ben: D

It’s just been a “meh,” season. There were high hopes to start the season, but after the reality check against West Virginia and Florida, hope has all but dissipated. There are signs of improvement, but at Tennessee, a 2-3 record with two blowout losses to rivals is a failure, regardless of it being year one or year five. That doesn’t mean Pruitt won’t get the job done; it’s just really put into perspective the uphill battle this coaching staff has to climb. Tennessee fans are tired of hearing it, but patience is needed once again on Rocky Top.

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One Response

  1. No way the QB gets a B-. UT has a QB that has no feel for the game, cannot read defenses, and has no running ability. JG is the worse QB in the conference behind the worse line in the conference.
    I grade him a D- at best, just due to the fact he has improved from last year in the “throw game” (but not by much) and is playing behind this horrible offensive line.

    With this team, we need a true mobile QB that can make plays with the legs. I would bring Jennings back to QB and let him run the team against Auburn, Miz, Kent, Charlotte, and Vandy. We have no chance with JT.


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