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Resetting the Vols’ Offensive Coordinator Hot Board

Dan Enos

(Photo via Marvin Gentry/USA TODAY Sports)

Track Record: 

Michigan State (Grad Assistant) — 1991-93
Lakeland (OC/QBs/WRs) — 1994-95
Northern Michigan (OC/RBs) — 1996
Southern Illinois (QBs/WRs) — 1997-98
Missouri State (OC/QBs) — 1999
Western Michigan (QBs) — 2000-02
North Dakota State (OC/QBs) — 2003
Cincinnati (QBs) — 2004-05
Michigan State (QBs) — 2006
Michigan State (RBs) — 2007-09
Central Michigan (HC) — 2010-14
Arkansas (OC/QBs) — 2015-17
Alabama (QBs) — 2018-present

Pros: Enos has experience calling plays in the SEC, and he’s worked with tons of quarterbacks in his time. He has a boatload of experience in college football, and he’s spent the last four seasons in the SEC. He was also the starting quarterback for Michigan State in the late 1980s through early 1990s. He took over after Butch Jones left Central Michigan as their head coach (he never coached with Jones) and had success there before willingly leaving on his own to be the OC at Arkansas.

Cons/Questions: Enos may have experience with play-calling in the SEC, but his offenses at Arkansas weren’t exactly the most dynamic. After finishing second in the conference in total yards in his first year as the Razorbacks’ OC, they failed to finish in the top half of the SEC in yards per game his last two years there. He’s worked and helped develop a lot of good quarterbacks, but how would he do as a full-time play-caller with UT’s roster? It would easily be the least talented roster he’s had in years.

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