VIDEO: Admiral Schofield Slams Powerful Dunk in SEC Tournament

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    (Photo via Tennessee Athletics)

    Admiral Schofield has had some incredible dunks in his Tennessee career. But the one he slammed home against Mississippi State in the quarterfinals of this year’s SEC Tournament might take the cake for the best dunk of his UT career.

    In the second half of Tennessee’s match-up with Mississippi State late Friday night in the SEC Tournament, Schofield rose up for a dunk and not only slammed down the jam, but drew a foul and embarrassed Mississippi State’s Robert Woodard in the process.

    Not only was the dunk epic, but so was Grant Williams’ reaction afterwards.

    Here’s video of both:

    Want some more reaction? Here are some photos from Tennessee’s official Twitter account of walk-on Lucas Campbell and other players on UT’s bench reacting to the slam:

    That dunk was part of another excellent performance for Schofield against the Bulldogs. He came into Friday night’s game averaging 18.3 points vs. Mississippi State in his last three games against them, and he has 20 points as of the writing of this article.