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Vols’ 2019 Post-Spring Depth Chart Projections


Photo by Nathanael Rutherford/RTI

CB1: Alontae Taylor, Terrell Bailey
CB2: Bryce Thompson, Maleik Gray
Nickel: Baylen Buchanan, Warren Burrell

Just like with the safety position, Tennessee’s projected starters at cornerback heading into the spring didn’t change once the spring finished up. Both sophomores — Alontae Taylor and Bryce Thompson — will be the two main corners once the season begins. What will be worth watching is what happens at the nickel corner spot.

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Though he didn’t participate much this spring, Baylen Buchanan still projects as the Vols’ starter at the nickel cornerback position and will be the main backup to Taylor and Thompson. But true freshman Warren Burrell had a nice spring and could challenge Buchanan for playing time in the near future.

The depth at corner isn’t great, and there’s a chance someone who has been working with the safeties could move over to corner this season. True freshman Tyus Fields would be the most likely candidate there.

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  1. Old born and bred Volunteer from the 60’s. Some of you guys are so blind. You talk about JG being in command and being consistent. When in his entire career has he been consistent in 21 starts ??? Two anomalies jump out, Kentucky and Auburn and 5 wins against nobodies from no where, 13 losses. But that is past, so the O & W game last Sat. JG looked bad for the first half and got it together in the second. But if you slow the tape, and depend on a whistle, he was sacked for a loss twice when he ran for yardage. He threw some great touch passes and he threw some horrible ones. Yes, he does not turn the ball over and is tough, wow. And that is the main deal. We can stay reserved and conservatively vanilla or give someone new a shot. JG is no manager, cannot adjust, cannot read. But he has had 4 OC’s and that is not his fault. The point I am trying to make to you guys is tell the entire picture. Not some lopsided one. And the two things you accused Shrout and Maurer of, inconsistency and awful throws. That is JG’s description to a T. I want JG in the Vol Hall of Fame one day. but he is so far over his head. We need a manager who can SPREAD the ball to the talent available, JENNINGS, Callaway, Woods-Anderson, etc…..

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