Vol Commits and Targets to Watch at Nike’s The Opening Finals

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    (Photo via @TheOpening on Twitter)

    On Friday, The Elite 11 Finals begin at Nike’s The Opening Finals. The Elite 11 has some of the top quarterbacks in each recruiting cycle compete against each other in a camp setting, and this year there will be a Vol commit and a major Vol target at the event. On Monday, July 1st, The Opening Finals will begin, and it runs through July 3rd. Both events take place in Frisco, Texas.

    Tennessee has several commitments and targets participating in both events. We take a look at all of them for you.

    The Vols have one quarterback commit and two position commitments who will be at the Elite 11 Finals and The Opening Finals respectively. There are a number of Vol targets in the 2020 class sprinkled across the six teams in competition at The Opening as well.

    Here’s a complete look at all of Tennessee’s 2020 commits and recruiting targets who are participating this weekend and early next week at the Elite 11 Finals and The Opening Finals.

    All recruiting rankings are via the 247Sports Composite rankings 

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    Vol Commits

    Keshawn Lawrence, S, Team Guap – No. 63 overall, No. 3 S
    Harrison Bailey, QB, Team Guap – No. 120 overall, No. 5 Pro-Style QB
    Cooper Mays, OL, Team IHOP – No. 315 overall, No. 5 OC

    Tennessee has two players participating on the same team at The Opening, and that’s elite in-state safety Keshawn Lawrence and quarterback Harrison Bailey. The Vols’ four-star QB commit will also be competing against a handful of other highly-rated quarterbacks at the Elite 11 Finals — including Vol target Haynes King — starting on Friday. Cooper Mays, another in-state commit for Tennessee, will be competing in The Opening as well.

    Vol Targets

    Team Driplomats

    Darnell Washington, TE – No. 11 overall, No. 1 ATH
    Malachi Moore, CB (Alabama commit) – No. 135 overall, No. 8 CB
    Caziah Holmes, ATH – No. 191 overall, No. 9 ATH
    Koy Moore, WR – No. 252 overall, No. 48 WR
    Kendall Dennis, CB – No. 340 overall, No. 32 CB

    Team Guap

    Arik Gilbert, TE – No. 12 overall, No. 2 ATH
    EJ Williams, WR – No. 105 overall, No. 23 WR
    Ze’Vian Capers, WR – No. 112 overall, No. 25 WR
    Kourt Williams, OLB – No. 170 overall, No. 12 OLB

    Team IHOP

    Marcus Dumervil, OT – No. 128 overall, No. 15 OT

    Team Pressure

    Tank Bigsby, RB – No. 50 overall, No. 8 RB
    Haynes King, QB – No. 79 overall, No. 3 Dual-Threat QB
    Len’Neth Whitehead, ILB – No. 218 overall, No. 8 ILB

    Team Trench Mob

    Reggie Grimes, DE – No. 31 overall, No. 3 WDE
    Jacolbe Cowan, DT – No. 152 overall, No. 12 DT
    BJ Ojulari, OLB – No. 194 overall, No. 10 WDE

    Team Savage

    Phillip Webb, OLB – No. 40 overall, No. 3 OLB
    Noah Sewell, ATH – No. 43 overall, No. 4 ATH

    Both Keshawn Lawrence and Harrison Bailey will be on the same team at The Opening as some key targets for the Vols. Bailey’s tight end on his high school team in Marietta, Arik Gilbert, is on his team at The Opening, and there are also two high priority wide receiver targets on the roster in EJ Williams and Ze’Vian Capers. Lawrence will be working on the same defense as outside linebacker Kourt Williams, another Vol target.

    As for Cooper Mays, he’ll be on the same team another Vol offensive line target, Marcus Dumervil. The rest of UT’s top targets at the event won’t have a Vol commit to work alongside them in team events, but expect Tennessee’s commitments to be working hard at peer recruiting throughout the whole event.