Video: Trey Smith Announces He’s Staying at Tennessee

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    “I’ve made up my mind, and I don’t expect to ever look back. I’m going to stay home at the University of Tennessee.”

    Those were the words Vol fans were hoping to hear from offensive lineman Trey Smith on Thursday, and that’s exactly what he said in front of the gathered media, his head coach, his family, and several of his teammates.

    Smith announced on Thursday afternoon that he would be returning to UT for his senior season rather than going into the 2020 NFL Draft. Smith and head coach Jeremy Pruitt met with the media at around 1:00 PM Eastern on Thursday to make the announcement, and Smith answered some questions after giving his decision. A doctor also spoke about Smith’s health and the medical details of Smith’s battle with blood clots.

    You can hear everything Smith had to say and watch the entire press conference below:

    Afterwards, Tennessee head coach Jeremy Pruitt spoke with the media to discuss Smith staying at UT and the impact on the team. Here’s everything Pruitt said: