Peyton Manning Wins Prestigious TV Award for ManningCast

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    Peyton Manning is a Hall-of-Fame quarterback, a two-time Superbowl winner, and a 5-time MVP in the National Football League. However, now, Manning has officially added another award to his arsenal – but not on the field, this time.

    Earlier this week, Peyton and his brother Eli Manning were presented with the Emmy Award for Outstanding Live Series at the 42nd Annual Sports Emmy Awards. The Manning brother’s win is for their Monday Night Football ManningCast production.

    The Monday Night ManningCast, a broadcast from Peyton and Eli for ESPN’s Monday Night Football games this season, was a smash hit in the first year. Audiences and football fans across the country seemingly ate up all the entertainment as the Manning’s brought on some of the biggest names from the sports and entertainment world as guests.

    After the successful debut season, ESPN announced in February that the contract with Manning’s production company, Omaha Productions, had been extended through the 2024 season.

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    There were countless hilarious moments from both Eli and Peyton, including one moment that certainly gave Tennessee fans some uncomfortable feelings. After Ole Miss defeated Tennessee in Knoxville during the 2021 football season, Peyton Manning was forced to wear an Ole Miss football jersey for the first half of the next ManningCast. Although, don’t fear too much, as he still had the bright orange koozie in hand.

    Although, without question, the funniest moment was when Peyton’s… let’s say… “non-TV-friendly-language” accidentally came out. Check it out below.


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