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Heupel Weighs In On Who Has The More Explosive Offense: Tennessee Baseball Or Football?

Tennessee football’s offense can score a lot of points. Tennessee baseball’s lineup can score a lot of runs.

Both had record breaking offensive seasons during the 2021-22 academic year and are looking for even more during the 2022-23 year.

But which offense is better? Greg McElroy posed the question to Josh Heupel on Tuesday’s Always College Football podcast.

“Who is going to score more points this year, Tennessee baseball or Tennessee football?” McElroy asked.

“Tennessee football is going to score more points this year,” Heupel said with a laugh. “But I expect the ball to get pounded out of the yard this spring in baseball season too.”

While Heupel is optimistic Tennessee football can outscore Tennessee baseball, it’s an extremely tall task.

The 2021 Volunteer football team scored 511 points while the 2022 Volunteer baseball team scored 608 runs. Heupel’s offense outlasted Tony Vitello’s when looking at SEC regular season games. The Tennessee football team scored 278 points in eight games while the Tennessee baseball team scored 229 runs in 30 games.

While Tennessee baseball outscored football by nearly a 100 points/runs last season, there’s reason to believe Huepel’s squad will close that gap, if not erase it, this year.

Tennessee football’s offense is poised for another huge year with starting quarterback Hendon Hooker returning and Vol baseball’s lineup is likely to take a step back after losing an abundance of starting position players from a season ago.

McElroy wasn’t done with the Tennessee football versus baseball questions, asking Heupel whether he or Vitello was more competitive.

Heupel chose himself though he may have to get ejected from a few games to truly give Vitello a run for his money there.

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