Score Two Risk-Free Bets Up to $2,000 With PointsBet Promo Code BESTOFFER

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Kansas sports betting is here, and with it comes a variety of promotions and bonuses for new players. Chief among these offers is PointsBet’s risk-free bet combo, doling out up to $2,000 to bettors in the Sunflower State. PointsBet is now live in Kansas, so all you need to do is download the app and start betting to collect your bonus. We’ll cover all the important info surrounding the bonus below. Want to skip the pleasantries and get started right off the bat with the PointsBet Kansas Promo Code? Here you go:

Claim two risk-free bets up to $2,000 at PointsBet Kansas with code BESTOFFER

PointsBet Kansas Promo Code: The Basics

PointsBet’s bonus comes in two parts. The first is a $500 risk-free bet. It’s a traditional bet like you’d find as part of any other sportsbook’s risk-free wager bonus. 

To claim the bonus, sign up using our code BESTOFFER, make a deposit, and place your first fixed-odds sports bet (pretty much anything other than PointsBetting) up to $500. If your bet loses, you’ll get the money back in site credits. If your bet wins, the bonus expires and you get your winnings.

The second portion of the bonus is a risk-free PointsBetting wager up to $1,500. Same deal: place your bet, and get credits back if you lose. On a win, you get paid as normal, but PointsBetting works differently than traditional sports bets.

PointsBetting: A Primer on the Unique Type of Sports Betting

Now that PointsBet is live in Kansas, bettors in the state get access to PointsBetting, a wager type that’s only available at PointsBet. 

When you’re PointsBetting, things get more complicated than traditional fixed-odds wagers. You make a selection, and the degree to which you win or lose dictates your payout. 

For example, let’s say the Chiefs-Cardinals NFL week 1 total is set at 55, and you want to use PointsBetting to bet on the Over. This is the actual PointsBetting line at the time of writing, so it is subject to change.

You may bet $10, but the potential win or loss is much higher than that. You get paid out multiples of your initial bet if you win by a significant stretch, but you can also lose multiple times your bet amount.

Using the example above, let’s say the Chiefs and Cardinals end the game at 35-25 for a total of 60. The Over hits by a margin of five points, so you would earn 5x your original bet. On the flip side, if the final score was 28-22 for a total of 50, you’d lose 5x your bet.

There are extra features attached to PointsBetting to help you mitigate losses. For example, you can set a meter to cap your losses at 10x while truncating your potential win. We won’t go into the complexities of PointsBetting here, but the basics should be enough to get you started. PointsBet has plenty of tools and guides to help you understand the unique bet type so check the website for the complete details.

PointsBet: Name Your Bet

Another feature you’ll rarely find in sports betting spheres is PointsBet’s “Name Your Bet” option. If you sift through the sportsbook’s offerings and can’t find the hyper-specific player prop or random bet you’d like to place, you can tweet at the sportsbook’s @PointsBetUSA Twitter account to request the bet. 

Terms and conditions apply, but so long as the bet is legal in Kansas and the oddsmaking team can set a line on it, chances are PointsBet will offer your requested bet on the platform.

Grab $2,000 in risk-free bets with PointsBet Kansas promo code BESTOFFER

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Arizona Cardinals Week 1 Odds

I’m going to guess you’re a football fan on some level. After all, you’re reading an article about Kansas sports betting just as the 2022-23 NFL season is about to kick off. 

If you’re looking to place your risk-free wager on the Chiefs, the first opportunity of the season will be Sept. 11 at 3:25 p.m. CT when the KC Chiefs take on the Arizona Cardinals. Here are the odds from PointsBet:

TeamPoint SpreadMoneylineTotal
Kansas City Chiefs-3.5 (-115)-191Over 53.5 (-115)
Arizona Cardinals+3.5 (-105)+160Under 53.5 (-105)

Both teams had strong showings in 2021-22. The Cardinals clinched a Wild Card spot with an 11-6 regular season record, but lost 34-11 to the eventual Super Bowl Champion LA Rams. The Chiefs beat out Buffalo to make it to the conference championship game, where they lost 27-24 to the Bengals. Simply put, both teams have something to prove. Whether that results in a two-sided scoring spree or a defense-led match-up remains to be seen. 

The outcome may not be clear yet, but one thing is: that sports betting is available in Kansas, giving bettors in the state plenty of reason to celebrate.