Where the SEC Stands in Week Four AP Rankings

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    SEC rankings

    Tennessee at SEC Media Days on Thursday, July 21, 2022. Photo by Ric Butler/Rocky Top Insider.

    The SEC began the 2022 college football season with six teams ranked in the AP poll: Alabama, Georgia, Texas A&M, Arkansas, Ole Miss, and Kentucky.

    Tennessee and Florida would enter the Top 25 in week two, bringing the SEC’s total of ranked teams to eight. The same eight were included in the week three rankings, and now week four as well.

    Heading into week four of the college football season, the SEC’s eight ranked teams don’t provide much change from last week.

    Georgia, Alabama, and Arkansas each held onto their respective spot in the polls. Kentucky and Texas A&M both moved up one spot. Tennessee and Ole Miss were the biggest risers from the conference by jumping up four spots each. And lastly, despite a victory on Saturday, Florida moved down two spots in the poll.

    Unlike last week, which featured a number of jumps from conference teams, there was only one jump between weeks three and four. Ole Miss jumped Florida to now sit as the sixth-highest ranked team from the SEC.

    Ahead of their highly-anticipated game against Florida this weekend, Tennessee stayed the same as the fifth-highest-ranked team in the conference. Although, the margins are getting thinner. The SEC now has five teams in the Top 11 of college football, with three of those teams representing the SEC East. And none of those five teams are named Florida or LSU, either.

    The trajectory of the SEC this season really has been fun to watch. And the excitement is only going to ramp up with conference play now knocking on the door.

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    The eight SEC teams ranked in the AP Top 25 Week Four poll are as follows:

    No. 1 Georgia Bulldogs

    • 1,569 points
    • Previous Ranking: 1
    • Previous Matchup: def. South Carolina 48-7
    • Next Matchup: vs Kent State (1-2)

    No. 2 Alabama Crimson Tide

    • 1,492 points
    • Previous Ranking: 2
    • Previous Matchup: def. UL Monroe 63-7
    • Next Matchup: vs Vanderbilt (3-1)

    No. 8 Kentucky Wildcats

    • 1,096 points
    • Previous Ranking: 9
    • Previous Matchup: def. Youngstown State 31-0
    • Next Matchup: vs N. Illinois (1-2)

    No. 10 Arkansas Razorbacks

    • 920 points
    • Previous Ranking: 10
    • Previous Matchup: def. Missouri State 38-27
    • Next Matchup: @ No. 23 Texas A&M (2-1) [Neutral site]

    No. 11 Tennessee Volunteers

    • 866 points
    • Previous Ranking: 15
    • Previous Matchup: def. Akron 63-6
    • Next Matchup: vs No. 20 Florida (2-1, 0-1 SEC)

    No. 16 Ole Miss Rebels

    • 585 points
    • Previous Ranking: 20
    • Previous Matchup: def. Georgia Tech 42-0
    • Next Matchup: vs Tusla (2-1)

    No. 20 Florida Gators

    • 360 points
    • Previous Ranking: 18
    • Previous Matchup: def. South Florida 31-28
    • Next Matchup: @ No. 11 Tennessee (3-0)

    No. 23 Texas A&M Aggies

    • 309 points
    • Previous Ranking: 24
    • Previous Matchup: def. No. 13 Miami 17-9
    • Next Matchup: vs No. 10 Arkansas (3-0, 1-0 SEC) [Neutral site]

    Receiving votes: LSU – 6

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