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Can Tennessee Pull the Sword from the Stone in the Latest SEC Shorts?

SEC Shorts
Tennessee and Georgia attempting to pull the sword from the stone in the latest clip from SEC Shorts. Photo via SEC Shorts on YouTube.

The latest comedy sketch from SEC Shorts on Monday morning brings the entire Southeastern Conference together for some laugh-out-loud content.

With the race to the SEC Championship game in Atlanta just around the corner, the latest SEC Short focused on all of the conference teams trying to pull the sword from the stone to be crowned the champion.

The short revolves around the timeless sword in the stone tale, which was popularized by Disney’s 1963 animated film, The Sword in the Stone, with a young King Arthur. The concept has been widely adapted by film culture over the years, even showing up in blockbuster hits like Disney’s 2015 Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Back to the short, though. For some of the SEC teams, attempting the pull wasn’t an answer that they were trying to find. But as others stepped up to the plate to try their hand, it didn’t necessarily go their way either.

Here’s how it all unfolded:

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SEC Shorts has done a tremendous job at showcasing the lighthearted and funny side of the SEC football season. The group has documented Tennessee’s rise to the top, Auburn’s coaching search, Alabama’s playoff downfall, and much more throughout the 2022 season.

Many of those sketches, though, specifically focused on Tennessee. The group showed the Vols running Alabama out of town, learning how to watch college football with a good team, and posing as Alabama’s personal therapist.

No matter which one you watch, you’re sure to find a number of laughs in the quick videos. But here are some of the best:

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